The Key Reason Women Get Cheaper Auto Insurance

Ladies have it easy when it comes to vehicle insurance premiums. They are more likely to find better quotes than men. You agree or not this is the position and unlikely to change in the USA. This position has been challenged in the EU and they pass a law that says insurers cannot offer cheaper or more expensive rates based on gender of applicants. It would be very interesting to have a look at who got it right between the US and EU.

It is easy to call it discrimination or blame ladies for being lame drivers. You can say whatever you like after we look at the reasons why this is the case. What arguments companies offer and what are they based on. At the end you may find it agreeable that ladies should be rewarded with better rates than compared to gentlemen.

man and woman arm wrestlingFirst of all, it is not an arm muscle contest between male and female gender in any way. Men cannot affect the rates offered to women. They can only affect their own rates. Furthermore, men don’t lose anything because women gets cheaper car insurance rates. It is not like take it from one and give it to the other. This may make it easier to understand what is coming below and reduce the resentments some may have. Besides, they are your partners, sisters and mothers. What if they are treated better and avoided paying a lot of money to reach corporations?

Companies are not sentimental human beings. They are mostly profit driven machines and they will do what yields higher profits. It is important to understand this point. They will do what is best in terms of profitability. They have little care for the rest of the arguments. They will crunch the numbers and figure out the best prices and ways of reducing risk exposure.

In that sense men can take all the blame for having higher premiums because they cause most of the accidents. And when they crash there are more casualties. Only five percent of fatal accidents are caused by ladies. This prove that they are profitable business for auto insurers. If they are not causing accidents, injuries and death than they deserve to be treated differently.

Ladies start doing better right from the beginning. They pass their driving tests quicker than young boys and they don’t take as much retakes. This would mean that they pay attention when they are taking instructions and follow them instead of doing what they think is right. Being cocky, over confident is the young male thing that causes crashes. You cannot be too confident behind the wheel. This will result in disasters. You must respect the road conditions and be modest about your abilities.

Also, ladies have fewer DUIs compared to men. They get caught drunk behind the wheel but not as much. They receive a lot less speeding and other traffic tickets. This means that they are more obedient to traffic rules. Lower traffic ticket and accident counts are the main reason why they are getting affordable premiums.